Roman villa of Els Munts


View of the remains of the Mithraeum at the Els Munts villa.

View of the remains of the Mithraeum at the Els Munts villa.

One of the latest discoveries at the villa is a large mithraeum (place of worship for followers of Mithras, a mystery divinity of eastern origin), which has not yet been added to the itinerary. Its orientation is slightly different from that of the other constructions of the villa, in relation to a specific solar or astral position. It is close located in the residential area, near the triclinium and the corridor which connected this sector of the villa with the bathhouse.

Despite its precarious state of conservation, the distinctive features of this kind of sanctuary are still visible: pronaos, grotto and chapel. One altar was found inside the building, in situ, together with the remains of another, which would have been dedicated to Cautes and Cautopates, assistants of Mithras. They stood at the entrance to the grotto, where the benches for the ritual meal were laid out for the followers of this religion. At the other end there are remains of the chapel where there would have been the image of Mithras killing a bull (tauroctonia). The cave is preceded by an antechamber, the pronaos, where acts related to the worship of Mithras would have been held.

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