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Thermalia, Caldes de Montbui Museum

Caldes de Montbui

The Thermalia, Caldes de Montbui Museum encompasses several buildings and collections that summarise the basic historical features of the town: some Roman baths, a Romanesque chapel, a civil Gothic building and an 18th-century manor house. The buildings are grouped into three distinct sections.

The main section, Thermalia, corresponds to a Gothic building from the late 14th century known as the Former Hospital of Santa Susanna, which became incorporated into the old Romanesque chapel of the same name, consecrated in 1403.

The second section of the Caldes Museum is the Can Delger building, a romantic house-museum which the Delger family gave to the city council in 1959. 

The third section of the Museum and a National Cultural Heritage Asset are the Roman Baths. They are in the town’s most emblematic building and with a tradition dating back two thousand years symbolise the raison d’être of Caldes’s existence.  The visitable area, part of a large complex of thermal and medicinal baths, is one Europe’s best preserved spa facilities from the classical era.

The Thermalia Museum occupies a building that was once a hospital for the poor, named Santa Susana from the 11th-century Romanesque chapel beside it.




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