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Types of pieces

Pieces of pottery from La Galera categorised by use.

Pieces of pottery from La Galera categorised by use.

This second room is also the place where the pottery from La Galera is classified according to its use: domestic, agricultural, livestock breeding, water, construction, plants and decoration. The exhibition surveys the different uses of pottery, showing its presence in all aspects of daily life until the 1960s, when it fell into disuse due to the advent of new materials such as plastic, running water and the refrigerator. It was no longer necessary to go to the spring for water or to store it in a jug to keep it cool, so pottery lost its utility. It started to become a collector’s item or to take on a purely decorative function. The end of the exhibition, displays a series of pottery pieces from La Galera that have lost their initial purpose. They are original and attractive, but society buys them to decorate and collect, not to use them as they did as before.

The last space talks about the La Galera Pottery Fair, which takes place on the 1st of May and, like Terracotta, has its origins in the very important pottery heritage in La Galera, which is worth promoting.

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