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Royal Convent of Santa Maria de Pedralbes

The storeroom and the diorama exhibition

The convent storeroom.

The convent storeroom.

Located on the lower terrace of the convent, the storeroom, which together with the infirmary is one of the best preserved examples of a hospital building, was the place where the harvest of the allotments, the grain and other products and tools from the field were stored. The procuradora, the sister responsible for managing the products, was also in charge of a wine cellar and barns for the livestock. 

A staircase in the south wing of the cloister gives access to a first room, with stairs leading to the lower part of the cistern, fed by a nearby water source, owned by the convent. From the first room, a corridor leads to the storeroom itself, containing the livestock shed, the cellar, the tools for working the field and the built-in cupboards. An area which is not visible in the current exhibition gave access to a new cellar and the space for the grape harvest. 

The far end of the room houses the permanent exhibition of twenty-four dioramas of the life of Jesus, created and donated by the Associació de Pessebristes  of Barcelona.

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