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Palau de Maricel

The Chapel Room

The Chapel Room in Maricel Palace.

The Chapel Room in Maricel Palace.

The Chapel Room exhibits the ceramic collection, also from the Museum of Artistic Reproductions. Here we may contemplate ceramic reproductions from Manises, Paterna and Talavera, among others.

Presiding over the centre of the room is the free reproduction of a Baroque altarpiece whose central niche features a carving of Our Lady of the Heart. The original is the only preserved remains of the late Gothic altarpiece from the Church of Santa Maria de Montblanc.

The fact that the piece was among the works presented at the 1929 World Fair and that in the old photographs we have of the chapel the image of the Virgin  Mary is absent suggests that the copy at Maricel might come from the Artistic Reproductions Museum rather than from the Charles Deering collection, as previously thought.

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