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Palau de Maricel

The cloisters

The cloisters.

The cloisters.

The last and one of the most spectacular dependencies of the Maricel de Terra is the cloister or cloisters. It is formed by a gallery facing the Miquel Utrillo bastion and a medieval-style cloister, which may even be a patio in the style of a Roman villa, with a single-sloped roof.

In this section the capitals come mostly from medieval buildings in the Romanesque and Gothic styles, except for two by Pere Jou. Although the stones are reminiscent of those at Silos (Burgos), their type and formal conception do not correspond with those of the Burgos monastery. They might be pieces from the nearby Monastery of San Francisco de Silos. We also find pieces related to the Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet.

The ceramic tiles that adorn two of the cloister walls may have come from the kitchen of the former Santa Creu Hospital in Barcelona. Renderings of the animals and fruit that formed the staple diet in this part of the world commonly decorated the kitchens of palaces, mansions, castles and even hospitals.

Today both the cloisters and the terraces are given over to receptions, evening concerts and other events.

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