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Palau de Maricel

The Blue Hall

The Blue Hall.

The Blue Hall.

A second room was the Blue Hall. It was decorated with ancient Chinese paintings, a Sinhalese Buddhist Wei To statue and an abundance of imperial fabrics from the 19th century, jade centre pieces and lacquered room dividers, one of which has twelve panels.

For a long time it was known as the Altarpiece Room by virtue of the Charles Deering collection housed there.

Now we may contemplate a whole series of photographic reproductions of the Maricel Palace, thanks to which we may recall the splendour of this building in Charles Deering’s time. We may also admire a small organ which was returned from the Palau Güell in Barcelona, this having been its original location.

Today the room serves as the venue for courses, conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions, workshops and other events.

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