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Balldovina Tower Museum

Santa Coloma: The River

The Besòs River and its ecosystem.

The Besòs River and its ecosystem.

The second floor of the museum is dedicated to the subject of “The River”, centring on the connection between the Besòs River and the town’s history from the medieval period until its peak as an agricultural district, well into the twentieth century. The evolutionary, functional and physical process of change undergone by the Torre Balldovina, as it shifted from a defence tower to a farmhouse to a summer home, exemplifies the development of the history of the settlement of Santa Coloma de Gramenet. This part of the museum is divided into eight areas:

  • A place called Gramenetum
  • The Torre Balldovina, a defensive tower
  • Francesc Grony, lord of Santa Coloma
  • The Torre Balldovina, centre for farming production
  • The Ribé Mill
  • Jaume Galobardes, an enlightened farmer
  • The Besòs River
  • The Torre Balldovina, a summer home. The Sagarra family.


<p>Torre Balldovina, a defensive tower originating in the eleventh century.&nbsp;Balldovina Tower Museum. Santa Coloma de Gramanet.</p>

Torre Balldovina
Torre Balldovina
<p>The Jaume Galobardes manuscript.&nbsp;Balldovina Tower Museum. Santa Coloma de Gramanet.</p>

The Jaume Galobardes manuscrip
The Jaume Galobardes manuscript
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