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National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia- MNACTEC

The human body. What am I?

The exhibition "The human body. What am I?" focuses on one of the topics that most interests and also concerns humanity: our own bodies, and every aspect connected with life. Our knowledge and information society never stops, advancing ever more swiftly and with greater momentum towards an unimaginable future. The human body and how it works, though, remains a great unknown.

This exhibition, organised by the MNACTEC with the sponsorship of the Unnim social institution, aims to explain the human body from an interactive and dynamic perspective, through exhibits of interest to all visitors, serving to discover independently and at their own pace how their own bodies work.

In addition to interactive elements, the exhibition also features a major collection of objects from the Museum of the History of Medicine, offering a retrospective view of how human beings have developed a whole range of instruments allowing us to increase our understanding of our organism. The medical instrument collection introduces, for example, concepts such as differences in eyesight, through ocular prosthetics, or blood conditions, through the haemometer and cholesterol meter. Explaining a scientific fact from a fun perspective is no easy task, and the aim has always been to work through metaphors, realities and objects that are as approachable as possible. In order to perform this task, a multidisciplinary team of educationalists, muesologists and primary school teachers, along with other specialists, have worked together with the aim of adapting the content to our society, with its constant transformations.


<p>Anatomical eye preparation, 1882.&nbsp;National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia, Terrassa.</p>
Anatomical eye preparation
Anatomical eye preparation
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