National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia- mNACTEC


The collection of automobiles, trucks, engines, aircraft, motorbikes and bicycles on display at the mNACTEC plots a course through the history of transport from the earliest days up to the present time.


The key exhibits on show include among others the Locomobile steam-powered automobile, dating from 1899, the 1957 SEAT 600, the 1955 Biscuter, and the Fairchild aeroplane dating from 1932. The transport section is supplemented by the "Viva Montesa" motorbike exhibition, the "Model Railway" exhibition space, and the "Transport Workshop".


<p>Villalb&iacute; motorcycle</p>
Villalbí motorcycle
Villalbí motorcycle
<p>Schneider SG 38 "Schulgleiter" glider</p>
Schneider SG 38 "Schulgleiter"...
Schneider SG 38 "Schulgleiter" glider
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