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Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona

Funeral sculpture

View of the room devoted to funeral monuments in Tarraco.

View of the room devoted to funeral monuments in Tarraco.

Although in order to discover how the Romans related to the subject of death we recommend a visit to the Palaeo-Christian Museum and , this room shows some aspects related with the theme: sculptures that decorated funeral monuments, renderings of dignitaries found on some of the city’s burial sites and urns to contain the ashes of the dead after incineration.

As was usual for all Roman cities, the roads leading to Tarraco were flanked by funeral monuments. The lumachelle stone sculptures exhibited in this room probably belonged to monumental tombs from the late republican period. South of Via Augusta, which linked the city to Barcino, there was a large necropolis from the imperial period. This is where the bust of a man was found, while the original site of the two funeral figures of Attis is unknown.


<p>Sculpture of a figure wearing a toga, 1st century BC, stone from El Med&ograve;l/sold&oacute;, 154 x 52 x 44 cm.</p>
Figure wearing a toga
Figure wearing a toga
<p>Sarcophagus depicting the rape of Proserpine, 2nd-3rd centuries AD, El Procon&eacute;s stone, 66 x 186 x 57 cm.</p>
Sarcophagus of the Rape of Pro...
Sarcophagus of the Rape of Proserpine
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