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Josep Aragay Municipal Museum

Vacances (Holidays)

Vacances (Holidays), Josep Aragay, 1923. Oil on canvas.

Vacances (Holidays), Josep Aragay, 1923. Oil on canvas.

A true manifesto, Vacances (Holidays) (1923) brings together all the ingredients and symbols of Noucentism. It shows: a classical temple, horses and riders who seem to come from engravings on the Parthenon in Athens, as well as a typically Mediterranean landscape with pine trees, the sea, a sail boat and a small idyllic village on the coastline. A static motorcycle, with wheels that rotate at a great speed, represents a rejection of avant-garde painting and, in particular, the principles of the futurist movement. Exhibited at the Galeries Laietanes in 1924, Vacances (Holidays) received devastating critiques.

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