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Modernism and post-modernism

General view of the hall with the works of Joaquim Mir and Marià Pidelaserra

General view of the hall with the works of Joaquim Mir and Marià Pidelaserra

Modernism and post-modernism

In the last quarter of the 19th century in Western art, new ways of thinking about art began to appear. They were characterised by a willingness to technically or conceptually break with everything that had become routine. These new schools received various names (Impressionism, Symbolism, Neo-Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, etc.), but in Catalonia the artists who were drawn to follow similar paths were generally called Modernists.

There were Modernists who did not even know that they were; they simply painted the way they knew how without paying attention to new fashions, but sometimes their manner was as original and fresh as the deliberate Modernists.

However, the desire for modernisation defended by Modernists did not find a truly original outlet until the emergence of a new generation: the Post-Modernists.


05 Modernism and post-modernism

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<p><em>La gitana</em>, Isidre Nonell i Monturiol, 1902, charcoal and watercolour on paper, 49 &times; 27 cm</p>
La gitana
La gitana
<p><em>Paisatge nocturn amb dues noies</em>, Joan Brull i Vinyoles, no date, oil on canvas, 63 &times; 80 cm</p>
Paisatge nocturn amb dues noie...
Paisatge nocturn amb dues noies
<p><em>Coves de Mallorca. Decoraci&oacute; de la casa Trinxet</em>, Joaquim Mir i Trinxet, 1903, oil on canvas, 190 &times; 220 cm</p>
Coves de Mallorca. Decoració d...
Coves de Mallorca. Decoració de la casa Trinxet
<p>Sign from the magazine <em>P&egrave;l i Ploma</em>, Ramon Casas i Carb&oacute;, 1899, chromolithography, 62 &times; 88 cm</p>
Sign from the magazine Pèl i P...
Sign from the magazine Pèl i Ploma
<p>Art Nouveau bench, Gaspar Homar i Mesquida, with the collaboration of Josep Pey and Sebasti&agrave; Junyent, c. 1905, mahogany with multicolour insets, 106 &times; 164 &times; 62 cm</p>
Art Nouveau bench
Art Nouveau bench
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