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Dona asseguda

<p><em>Dona asseguda</em>, Manolo Hugu&eacute; Mart&iacute;nez, 1929-1930, relief in scraped terracotta, 16.5 &times; 25 cm</p>

Dona asseguda, Manolo Hugué Martínez, 1929-1930, relief in scraped terracotta, 16.5 × 25 cm

Manuel Martinez Hugué (Barcelona, 1872 - Caldes de Montbui, 1945), known as Manolo Hugué, or just Manolo, was a versatile Noucentista artist with avant-garde influences. The technique of the relief shows Manolo Hugué’s constant aesthetic search. This piece is part of a group of works culminating in La Baccant (1934), following an idea that matured over the years in which issues related to volume and movement are expressed. The studies for the work began in 1928 and ended in 1934.

Dona asseguda is a new interpretation of the theme: changes in the posture of the female body from crossing the right leg over the left, her left arm over her head and her torso thrown back with her right hand on the floor holding her body weight, all with robust lines.


11 Sitting woman and Totote. Manolo Hugué

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