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“El Violinista Celest”, 1934. Marc Chagall.

“El Violinista Celest”, 1934. Marc Chagall.

During the inter-war period, artists arrived in Tossa from around Europe, including Olga Sacharoff. But during the early 1930s, Tossa was home to many different artists. Most were German artists of Jewish descent, who already sensed the horror that was to come following the first anti-Semitic decrees.  Marc Chagall, André Masson, Jean Metzinger, Georges Kars, and many others established themselves in Tossa. They produced some avant-garde work never seen before. It was such an eclectic period that Rafael Benet called Tossa the "Babel of the Arts".


<p><em>Mar Menuda. Tossa (The tiny sea. Tossa)</em>.&nbsp;Jaume Vilallonga Balam (Barcelona, 1861-Tossa, 1904).</p>
Mar Menuda. Tossa (The tiny se...
Mar Menuda. Tossa (The tiny sea. Tossa)
<p><em>Nen (Child)</em>. Joan Brull (Barcelona 1863-1912).</p>
Nen (Child)
Nen (Child)
<p><em>Pique Nique (Picnic)</em>, 1916 - 1918. Olga Sacharoff (Tiflis, 1889 &ndash; Barcelona, 1967).</p>
“Pique Nique” (Picnic)
“Pique Nique” (Picnic)
<p><em>El Violinista Celest (The light-blue violinist)</em>, 1934. Marc Chagall (Vitebsk, 1887 &ndash; Saint-Paul de Vence, 1985). Gouache.</p>
El Violinista Celest (The ligh...
El Violinista Celest (The light-blue violinist)
<p><em>Batalla d&rsquo;Insectes</em> (<em>Battle of Insects</em>). Andr&eacute; Masson (Balagny-sur-Th&eacute;rain, 1896 - Paris, 1987).</p>
Batalla d’Insectes (Battle of...
Batalla d’Insectes (Battle of Insects)
<p><em>L&rsquo;anglaise (The englishwoman)</em>, 1935. Georges Kars (Kralupy, 1882 - Ginebra, 1944).</p>
L’anglaise (The englishwoman)
L’anglaise (The englishwoman)
<p><em>Barques varades (Stranded boats)</em>, 1935. Rafael Benet (Terrassa, 1889 - Barcelona, 1979). Oil on canvas.</p>
Barques varades (Stranded boat...
Barques varades (Stranded boats)
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