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Municipal Nautical Museum of El Masnou

The blue sea

The blue sea.

The blue sea.

This section is devoted to our seabed and the species that live there.

The Mediterranean is a huge space which has seen the rise and crossing of many civilizations throughout human history and defined the past and present of the town of El Masnou.

The Maresme coast is characterised by gentle relief with sandy beaches with a few rocky stretches, but no cliffs and not too abrupt.

In the last century, the coast underwent  a transformation that deeply affected its natural state. This has affected marine life and led to a reduction of biodiversity.

The seabed is sandy, with some colonies of phanerogam seaweed and rocky outcrops. Here we can see different marine species that can be found in the seabed off El Masnou (jellyfish, sea bream, sea snail, etc.) and the collection of different species of marine fossils.

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