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Municipal Nautical Museum of El Masnou

Organic kineticism. Rhetorical figures (1981-1984)

Organic kineticism Rhetorical figures (1981-1984).

Organic kineticism Rhetorical figures (1981-1984).

In 1975, Pericot concluded that the search for movement in art based on abstract elements could lead only to art without context, disconnected from everyday life.

At that time, he had completed his degree in pure philosophy and set out to link artistic practice with reality, which he had always felt was his vocation.

He therefore progressed from abstract ideas to situations with pragmatic meanings;he had recourse to  persuasion techniques and the use of rhetorical figures. He adopted analogical images, taking movement as his aesthetic material in pragmatic, everyday situations. The content is framed in rhetorical movements and the argumental techniques of persuasion.

Even so, movement and time continued to form an essential part of his work, but now represented in two dimensions and in sequence (recalling the historic photographs of Eadweard Muybridge). He used screen-printed photographs as a break from his abstraction, using natural forms which incorporated the human figure (self-portraits) and individual gestures.


<p><em>MeRdA</em>, 1984. Wood and vinyl paint on wood, 150 &times; 150 cm.&nbsp;Espai d&rsquo;Art Cin&egrave;tic Jordi Pericot. Municipal Nautical Museum of El Masnou.</p>

MeRdA, 1984
MeRdA, 1984
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