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Municipal Nautical Museum of El Masnou

Model of the ‘Caupolicán’

<p>Model of the&nbsp;<em>&rsquo;Caupolic&aacute;n&rsquo;</em>, first decade of the 21st century.&nbsp;Detail</p>

Model of the ’Caupolicán’, first decade of the 21st century. Detail

Large scale model of the two-masted brig ’Caupolicán’

This model was a project undertaken by students at the Modelling School of the Municipal Nautical Museum of El Masnou. It is a reproduction based on the original ship, contemporary documents and a sketch of the rigging preserved by the Millet family.

Built in the shipyards of Mataró in 1853 and commanded by the El Masnou brothers Pere and Francesc Millet i Sust, it became a true veteran of the regular route of Cape Horn, which it rounded eighteen times between 1853 and 1866.

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