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Roman settlement of Mons Observans

Roman settlement of Mons Observans. Aerial view.

Roman settlement of Mons Observans. Aerial view.

Mons Observans is one of the oldest Roman settlements in Catalonia. Dated to the 2nd-1st centuries BC, it was declared of national cultural interest in 2008 in the category of archaeological sites. It was opened to the public in 2012 and the architectural work for visitors at the site won the Spanish Biennial Architecture and Urban Design Award in 2013 (in the City and Landscape section) and was finalist in the FAD awards, with a special mention by the public. The visit to the archaeological site is a guide to the different elements of the ancient praesidium, which includes the two large cisterns that still contain some of the original wall decorations. The main rooms of the building were decorated with wall paintings in the first Pompeian style, which are now preserved at the Montmeló Museum. The site has an information point where visitors can see the exhibition ‘A site to discover’, an archaeological classroom where excavation workshops are held in the open, and a patio with steps and a fountain.


<p>A denticulated moulding that formed part of the wall decorations in the Roman settlement of Mons Observans.&nbsp;Montmel&oacute; Municipal Museum.</p>

Moulding in the first Pompeian
Moulding in the first Pompeian style



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