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Municipal Museum of Llívia

The History of the Pharmacy

Section 2. The History of the Pharmacy.

Section 2. The History of the Pharmacy.

The diverse geological and climatic conditions in the valleys near the town mean they are rich in flora and vegetation with medicinal properties, which are suitable for preparing the formulas for medicines used at the time. You can find out more about the local plant life through the interactive digital herbarium.

Similarly, a short film provides visitors with information on the history of pharmacies in Catalonia and around the world: from monastic pharmacies to hospital pharmacies, up until pharmacies such as ours.


<p>Medicine cabinet from the Mart&iacute; Pharmacy, from the first quarter of the 18th century.&nbsp;Municipal Museum of Ll&iacute;via.</p>

Medicine cabinet from the Mart
Medicine cabinet from the Martí Pharmacy
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