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Palaeo-Christian Necropolis and Museum

Mausoleum with Crypt, 4th – 5th centuries AD

It is one of the two large, monumental tombs (mausolea) located in front of the western façade of the basilica. A quadrangular plan measuring about 6.5 metres long, located in the main room, it conserves only the pavement, made from opus signinum.

The entire funerary crypt covered with an arris vault has been conserved. It was accessed from the outside via a staircase connected by an open door in one of the walls. On the other walls there are three solitary arches (vaulted tombs) with the corresponding sepulchres. The whole of its interior was stuccoed and interesting markings on various themes are conserved.


12. Mausoleum with crypt

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