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Palaeo-Christian Necropolis and Museum

The Road and the Suburban Domus of the Parc Central Site.

A section of the Roman road built during the reign of Emperor Augustus (1st century BC) was located on the shopping centre plot. Going to the north, the road headed away from the city and led to the bridge that crossed the Francolí River. Heading south, it connected with the Early Christian Necropolis sector. It is 4 metres wide and was built with a very compact layer of earth and pebbles.

Another documented construction is that of a suburban domus, the residence of a wealthy family, distributed around a central courtyard. It had a reception room with an apse, for the celebration of social events. On the east-facing side of the house are the bathrooms, with a dressing room and rooms at different temperatures. The caldarium, or hot room, was decorated with a colourful mosaic that can be seen during the visit.


15. Outlying domus

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