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Ethnographic Museum of Ripoll


The bedroom was passed on from generation to generation. People were born, spent their wedding night, conceived children and fell ill and died in the same bed. So, from parents to children, this room witnessed the most private, intimate moments of a dynasty. Only death, the ultimate rite of passage, opened the doors to relatives and neighbours, who came to help and give their condolences, beginning the duty of guiding the deceased to final rest, where they would achieve the position of ancestor, protecting their people.

As the years went on, people began to be born in clinics, spend their wedding nights in hotels, become ill in hospital and die in old people’s homes.

The bedroom/alcove, that space of ancestral confidences with the world and beyond, would come to be just another room in the home. Its equipment would fall victim to modern concepts like fashion and the ephemeral condition of objects and human relations.

In the bedroom displayed in the Ripoll Ethnographic Museum, the highlight is the Baroque bed in the Olot style, decorated with the image of the Holy Family on the headboard, from the Mas la Serra del Boix house in Ripoll.


16. Bed of roses

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16. Llit de roses

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