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Terra sigillata glass

<p><em>Terra</em> <em>sigillata</em> goblet, Haro de Gar&ograve;s necropolis, fourth to fifth centuries AD.</p>

Terra sigillata goblet, Haro de Garòs necropolis, fourth to fifth centuries AD.

This earthenware goblet from the Roman period was found in the archaeological excavations at the Haro de Garòs necropolis. This kind of varnished, orange-coloured pottery, with circular and half-moon decorative motifs, would have been used in the performance of funerary rituals, when food would have been placed in the grave and wine would have been poured out onto the earth from just such a vessel by the dead person’s family and friends, to propitiate the gods and ease their beloved’s passage to the next life.

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