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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

View of the 'Earthquakes and Volcanoes' room.

View of the 'Earthquakes and Volcanoes' room.

The first part of the Museum tour aims to teach visitors about the geological characteristics of the landscape, the causes of earthquakes and volcanoes, and the main features of the local volcanoes.

The tour starts with an introduction about how earthquakes and volcanoes are caused and how they work, followed by information on seismic and volcanic activity in the Garrotxa with a study on the major volcanoes in the region. The exhibition also includes audiovisual material, with an eight-minute presentation on seismic and volcanic activity in the region, during which the visitor can experience a simulated earthquake.

New technologies have also been used to further our knowledge about volcanoes. One of the new features that has been added is an interactive educational program that shows the main features of volcanoes through a touch screen: what a volcano is and its different parts, types of eruptions, and more. Besides teaching visitors the basics of volcanology, the programme allows you to explore the volcanic past of the Garrotxa region and relate it to the concepts learned.

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