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View of the 'Ecosystems' room.

View of the 'Ecosystems' room.

The second section of the Museum is devoted to explaining the characteristics of the major ecosystems in the Garrotxa region, using dioramas. Besides finding out more about riparian forests, riverbanks, beech trees, oak trees, meadows and urban environments, visitors can also discover more about the diversity of the plant and animal species that inhabit them. The Garrotxa region is rich in vegetation; there are more than 1,400 plant species, some of which are of great botanical value, and plants that are unique to the region.

While the vegetation in the Garrotxa region mainly consists of forests, other types of plants are also present. The flatlands have been transformed by humans into fields and pastures. Shrubs and bushes are plentiful in abandoned fields and pastures as well as in forests. The result of different geological, biogeographic and climatic factors means that there is an extraordinary variety of vegetation. This ranges from Mediterranean vegetation, represented by the oak trees, to Central European and Atlantic vegetation, represented by the oak forests with pedunculate oak and beech trees.

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