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Botanical garden with local Olot vegetation - Nou Park

View of the botanical gardens.

View of the botanical gardens.

The magnificent botanical garden with native plants from Olot, inside the Parc Nou, is presented like any other room in the Museum, and displays the pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) and a variety of plant species that are normally found in oak forests. The grove of monumental trees is particularly impressive, with oaks that are over 250 years old and 25 metres tall, surrounded by boxwoods and holly trees.

Visits to the botanical garden are free. A marked route allows visitors to find out more about the pedunculate oak and oak forests, and there is a wide range of local tree species, bushes and other plants from the region. The areas of botanical interest are separated from the recreation areas with boxwood hedges. Some small doors provide access to an route through the areas of botanical interest, along which there are trees and other plant species, with nameplates showing the common name, scientific name and the botanical family to which they belong.

This area also includes: a medicinal plant garden, a horticultural area, a weather station and the Parc Nou recreation area with two grassy areas with trees, a fountain, two small ponds, services and a café.

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