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Model room

Model room.

Model room.

You can start your visit here, although on the Museum circuit it is marked as room number four. Starting the circuit here, you will follow the process to see how a religious figurine is made over the course of your visit.

The model room has a display with different pieces. The space is shared between the Museum and the "Arte Cristiano" workshop, which left some of their materials in storage. 

The models are the original pieces that were left behind. The process starts when the sculptor makes a clay figure, and then uses it to create a mould to make a plaster copy. The material for the copy is made by mixing rabbit-skin glue (an animal glue), plaster and white lead.

A piece is then taken from the mould which will be reproduced in the future, like the ones that can be seen in this room. It is surprising to see that some of the pieces have their limbs or other parts in a separate bag; this is because the protruding parts of the sculpture have to me moulded separately and added on afterwards, as it would be impossible to mould the entire sculpture at the same time.

When the workshop receives a commission, the first step is to choose which model to use, then take it to the workshop for reproduction. Once you have finished visiting this area, please head down to the basement to continue your visit. We recommend that you combine reading the information and watching the videos you will find in each room.


<p>Photo of the &quot;Arte Cristiano&quot; workshop, 1896-1906. Garrotxa Regional Archives. Image Services.</p>
The "Arte Cristiano" workshop
The "Arte Cristiano" workshop (1896-1906)
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