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Ter Museum

The Mediterranean rivers

Aquarium with local species from the Ter River.

Aquarium with local species from the Ter River.

The Ter Museum is also a natural history museum. In this area, located on the second floor of Can Sanglas, we offer the chance to take a tour of the landscape, hydrology, ecology, natural heritage, social and environmental aspects and proposals for the sustainable management of Mediterranean river courses, which also include the Ter. The main element of this exhibition is an aquarium that represents the ecological values ​​of the middle Ter. Decorated with underwater photographs of landscapes and native species of northeast Catalonia, it is home to three species of fish from the Ter environment: the mountain catfish, the catfish and the eel. Some of these have now disappeared from the upper waters of the Ter, such as the eel, which are unable to carry out their spectacular migrations between the sea, where they reproduce, and the river, because of the reservoirs.

Biodiversity is featured in an audiovisual that presents the great natural mosaic of our rivers. Taken from the research activity of the Centre for the Study of Mediterranean Rivers (the environmental area of ​​the Ter Museum), it focuses on the river bank vegetation, birds, aquatic macroinvertebrates and fish.


17. The Ter, a lively river

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17. El Ter, un riu ben viu


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