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Maritime Museum of Lloret de Mar

5. Beyond the beach

<p>Section 5.2 The invisible door to Lloret.</p>

Section 5.2 The invisible door to Lloret.

Lloret looks to the future

Lloret de Mar has taken up the challenge by starting a new stage with a project that is already underway, and aims to encourage cultural tourism. The proposal presents Lloret as a large outdoor museum. This is because time has marked the town with a cultural heritage that, one way or another, is linked to the sea: gardens facing the sea, coastal paths, Iberian villages by the beach, houses that belonged to the Indianos, a collection of model boats, maritime traditions, an intense story of sailors and shipbuilders, and a collection of photos showing the farmers and fishermen from Lloret. The aim is to explain where it all came from, what it used to be, and what the seafaring town is like today.

The invisible door to Lloret

Beyond the beach at Lloret, where you can still hear the murmur of the sea and the touch of the breeze, there is a vast stretch of land that leaves behind the beach, the sound of swimmers, and the traces of ice cream left behind by a child. This Lloret is full of memories, undiscovered places and paths to wander down, with surprises to find and gardens to rest in... to discover the Lloret hidden beyond the beach.


<p>The Santa Clotilde Gardens.</p>
The Santa Clotilde Gardens
The Santa Clotilde Gardens
<p>The Castle of Sant Joan.</p>
The Castle of Sant Joan
The Castle of Sant Joan
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