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Great Hall

The Great Hall of the Cau Ferrat Museum

The Great Hall of the Cau Ferrat Museum

On entering the Great Hall, visitors seeing it for the first time are usually struck with the same sensation as when entering a sacred precinct. Indeed, Rusiñol arranged everything in such a way that the Great Hall would resemble a temple of art. The height of the magnificent coffered ceiling, along with some of the pieces on display, further enhance this sensation.

Rusiñol chose the Great Hall as the place where he carefully arranged and displayed his splendid collection of ironwork. In the middle he placed the collection of glasswork acquired from Alexandre de Riquer and the sculpture of the Forjador català (Catalan blacksmith)by his great friend Enric Clarasó. He also hung several medieval works here, including the Altarpiece of the Mother of God, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Peter the Apostle - attributed to Guilem Ferrer and dated between 1390 and 1400 -, as well as the two works by El Greco he acquired in Paris, works by other artists such as La partició del viby Ignacio Zuloaga and Boulevard de Paris by Ramon Pichot, and many portraits Rusiñol made of his friends.

The Great Hall of Cau Ferrat is one of the truest examples of the idea of total art that informed so much of Catalan Modernisme.


<p>Ramon Casas, <em>Dance in the Moulin de la Galette</em>, 1890-1891, Paris, oil on canvas</p>
Dance in the Moulin de la Gale...
Dance in the Moulin de la Galette
<p>Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol, <em>The Bohemian (Miquel Utrillo)</em>, 1890, Paris, oil on canvas</p>
The Bohemian (Miquel Utrillo)
The Bohemian (Miquel Utrillo)
<p>Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol, <em>The Morphine Addict</em>, 1894, Paris, oil on canvas</p>
The Morphine Addict
The Morphine Addict
<p>Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol, <em>Poetry</em>, 1894-1895, Paris, oil on canvas</p>
<p>Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol, <em>Ramon Canudas, Convalescent Patient</em>, 1892, Sitges, oil on canvas</p>
Ramon Canudas, Convalescent Pa...
Ramon Canudas, Convalescent Patient
<p>Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol, <em>Portrait of the Sculptor Carles Mani</em>, 1895, Paris, oil on canvas</p>
Portrait of the Sculptor Carle...
Portrait of the Sculptor Carles Mani
<p>Ramon Casas and Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol, <em>Painting Each Other</em>, 1890, Cerdanya region, oil on canvas</p>
Painting Each Other
Painting Each Other
<p>Ramon Casas, <em>Rusi&ntilde;ol on top of a wrought iron lamp</em>, 1893, Sitges, oil on canvas</p>
Rusiñol on top of a wrought ir...
Rusiñol on top of a wrought iron lamp
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