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Cau Ferrat Museum

Copy of The Triumph of Death

Ignacio Zuloaga Zabaleta (Eibar, Guipúscoa, 1870 – Madrid, 1945)

Copy of The Triumph of Death, fresco by Andrea Orcagna at the Pisa cemetery (fragment). Original illustration for Santiago Rusiñol’s article “Desde otra isla. Un rato al Continente, VII” (“From Another Island. A While on the Continent, VII”), published in La Vanguardia on 19th March 1894. Subsequently reproduced in the book Impresiones de Arte (Impressions of Art), by Santiago Rusiñol (1897)

Ink, charcoal pencil and orange graphite pencil on paper

Museu del Cau Ferrat, Sitges

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