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Girl in White

<p>Ramon Casas, <em>Girl in White</em>, <em>c</em>. 1891, Sitges, oil on canvas</p>

Ramon Casas, Girl in White, c. 1891, Sitges, oil on canvas

In this painting we see the fine technical and chromatic quality of Ramon Casas as he seeks to combine the figure with the setting, which in this case is a blue courtyard in Sitges. Casas pays particular attention to the lush effects of the rays of light on the clothes and body.

For Ramon Casas the world was a chromatic impression. This idea led him to achieve extraordinarily fine subtleties, with highly attractive results. Due to the quality of features like the pink tones on the female face and on the white dress, Casas was considered an impressionist in the late 1880s.

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