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<p>Manolo Hugu&eacute;, <em>Maternity</em>, <em>c</em>. 1897-1900, Cadaqu&eacute;s, painted plaster</p>

Manolo Hugué, Maternity, c. 1897-1900, Cadaqués, painted plaster

Manolo Hugué made Maternity in plaster between 1897 and 1900 during one of his stays in the home of the Pichot family. It is the only one of his early pieces that has been conserved. Alexandre Riera, a friend and patron of Hugué, acquired the piece and later traded it to Rusiñol for one of his paintings. This is how the sculpture entered the Cau Ferrat collection. Later on another piece by Manolo Hugué would also come to make up part of the collection: Flamenco Dancer, a coloured charcoal drawing done around 1906-1908, which can now be seen in the painter’s study.

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