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The Cau Ferrat beer cellar

First floor of the Maricel Museum.

First floor of the Maricel Museum.

The friendship and artistic complicity of the painters of the luminist school with the modernista artists, as denoted in the 1892 Fine Arts Exhibition ,entered a second chapter three years later with the renovation of the Café Continental on Passeig de la Ribera.

Arcadi Mas i Fondevila, Joaquim de Miró, Antoni Almirall, Càndid Duran, Santiago Rusiñol and Miquel Utrillo executed a set of paintings to decorate the new premises. The former café reopened under the name of Cerveseria Cau Ferrat, the same name of the house-cum-studio that Rusiñol had had in Sitges since 1893.

Càndid Duran painted a humorous portrait of participants in the work Els pintamones, where we see Santiago Rusiñol in the foreground, followed Duran himself, Almirall, Miró, Mas i Fondevila and Utrillo, accompanied by Love, Rusiñol’s little dog.


<p><em>The malvasia harvest</em>, Joaquim de Mir&oacute; i Argenter, 1895, Sitges, oil on canvas. The Cau Ferrat Collection. Maricel Museum.</p>

The malvasia harvest
The malvasia harvest
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