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Jaume Mercadé Queralt (Valls, 1889 – Barcelona, 1967)

La Farigola Gully, 1923

Oil on canvas

Museu de Valls

In 1917, there are several events that mark the end of an era: globally, the First World War wages on and the Russian Revolution breaks out, as well as an important crisis within the Spanish government.

In Catalonia, the death of Enric Prat de la Riba, the main driving force behind the cultural program of Noucentisme, takes place. Social conflicts grow worse and strikes occur, one after another. This is also the year of the great Exhibition of French Art, of Pablo Picasso's visit from the Ballets Russes on the occasion of the premiere of Parade in Barcelona, and of the publication of Torres-García’s manifesto, Art-Evolution. On the other hand, due to First World War, Barcelona is full of foreign artist refugees, many of which are prominent avant-gardists.

All these factors cause the idealism of the agave and the swallow in Noucentisme to fade away, and a series of new creators assemble in new groups, such as Els Evolucionistes or Els courbets, in search of a new reality.

Moreover, the works by Feliu Elias seek to capture "pure reality" and reveal the strange and sinister, expressing the malaise of the 20th century.

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