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Vase with flowers

<p><em>Vase with flowers</em>, (attributed to) Juan de Arellano, <em>c. </em>&nbsp;1665, Castile, oil on canvas.&nbsp; Dr. Jes&uacute;s P&eacute;rez Rosales collection.</p>

Vase with flowers, (attributed to) Juan de Arellano, c.  1665, Castile, oil on canvas.  Dr. Jesús Pérez Rosales collection.

A detailed analysis of the flowers reveals mastery of complex technique in the construction of colour and volume, a genuine lesson in painting.

The deliberately disordered compositiondepicts the variety of flowers common in the floral still lifes by Juan de Arellano (Santorcaz, Madrid, 1614 - Madrid, 1676): tulips, carnations, anemones, jasmines, mallows and roses. Some of these flowers, like tulips, were true rarities at that time. Often in these works the artist gathers together in one bouquet flowers that would be impossible to see together at the same time because they bloomed in different seasons.

The painting style of this artist is characterised by the use of various base colours, according to the chromatic variety of the flower, something that distinguishes him from other painters.

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