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The Cercs Mines Museum

panel

panel. The Cercs Mines Museum.


panel. The Cercs Mines Museum.


This sign-in panel is rectangular, with blue and green glass cabinets and a small sign above it that says: “Obreros de interior en servicio” (Workers inside in service). The back panel is brown and contains tags with round holes in order to be hung on the panel. The tags are numbered and are black, red and white (the latter are the only ones which are not numbered). There are some 1,260 tags.

This was the system the Carbones de Berga S.A. Company set up to monitor their workers. It was used so the miners could sign in and to know how many went in and out, and alert them of those who had died inside the mine.


09. The Revolt: Occupations and collectivizations

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08. La Revolta: Ocupacions i col·lectivitzacions

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