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Museu de la Vida Rural

The Farmhouse Hearth

One of the scenes in the museum: the farmhouse kitche.

One of the scenes in the museum: the farmhouse kitche.

The ways of life of farming families determined both the layout of the rooms in the home and the way each room was used. The hearth was always at the heart of the farmhouse, and women’s chores, children’s games, meals and family togetherness unfolded around it. The floor built over the hearth was primarily used for bedrooms, where the body was covered or uncovered, dressed or undressed, awake or sleeping. And since the house was dark and days were not long, solutions had to be found to extend the day from sunrise to sunset and fill all the hours of the day.

The house contained everything needed for everyday life, including furniture, clothing, household utensils and lighting fixtures. All of these items are related to family customs, festivals and religious traditions, as well as household chores.

Before going down the stairs to the basement, visitors can see a mural painted by Llucià Navarro of the neighbouring Santa Maria monastery in Poblet.


07. The Hearth

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07. La llar


<p>Birthing chair. Size: 104.5 x 74 x 52 cm</p>
Birthing chair
Birthing chair
<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Copper hot chocolate maker placed on the hearth in a kitchen</span>.</p>
Hot chocolate maker
Hot chocolate maker
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