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Carme chapel. Art and Heritage Space

Interior of the Carme chapel. The Fishing Museum.

Interior of the Carme chapel. The Fishing Museum.

Former chapel attached to the Hospital of the Poor of Palamós, built in 1786 thanks to the bequest of Father Miquel Costa. It was recently refurbished and turned into a cultural facility aimed at becoming a point of reference and a gateway to the local cultural heritage. The Carme chapel fulfils a twofold purpose: to showcase the town’s history and landscape, and to foster the fine arts. It complements the thematic exhibitions at the Fishing Museum in the field of the local cultural heritage and arts.

This interpretation centre of the local cultural heritage spotlights the cultural and natural heritage of Palamós as a cohesive element of the town’s identity. With the audiovisual Jo, el paisatge (I, the Landscape), visitors enter the history of the village through a tour of its most unique, noteworthy features.

Likewise, the Ezequiel Torroella Space contributes to celebrating this painter from Palamós who specialised in post-Impressionist seascapes of the Costa Brava, with a permanent exhibition of selected works. The legacy bequeathed by his wife, Maria Forné Carreras, contributes to fostering the fine arts and promotes the town’s artistic creation by sponsoring cultural actions and initiatives.



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