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Barcelona Music Museum

Guitar "Pascuala" and Anselm Clavé's Guitar

Guita. Photo by Eduard Selva. Barcelona Music Museum.


Guita. Photo by Eduard Selva. Barcelona Music Museum.


So similar, yet so different. On one hand, a guitar by the great guitar builder, Francesc España, made with luxurious materials and richly decorated with inlaid wood and mother-of-pearl indicating the name of its owner, Pascuala Rodríguez, and accompanied with a music stand, a guitar case, and a book of sheet music decorated with watercolours. On the other hand, the guitar of Josep Anselm Clavé, the great promoter of the choral movement in Catalonia during the 19th century. The name of the guitar builder is not known, but it was clearly made in Barcelona, and it accompanied Clavé to the cafes and taverns where, in his youth, he would make a living by playing. These two neighbouring guitars show us, therefore, how the guitar was adopted by all social classes, being played in the salons of the aristocracy, in the taverns and at street festivals.


15. The young lady who plays the guitarre

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