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Hauslaib claviorganum

<p>Lorenz Hauslaib claviorganum (Nuremberg), c.&nbsp;1590-1600 &copy;&nbsp;Music Museum. Photo: Sara Guastev&iacute;</p>

Lorenz Hauslaib claviorganum (Nuremberg), c. 1590-1600 © Music Museum. Photo: Sara Guasteví

This is one of the few surviving exemplars of a claviorganum, a combination of an organ (edge-blown aerophone and simple reed) and a harpsichord (plucked string), both contained in a chest-like construction with the bellows on top. It belonged to Baltasar de Zuñiga, the Spanish ambassador to Flanders and France and Philip IV’s Prime Minister. Made at the workshop of Lorenz Hauslaib in Nuremberg, this claviorganum is a magnificent example of a renaissance instrument that may still be played.


The Hauslaib Claviorgan, an exceptional hybrid

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