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Walking cane violin

Walking cane violin MDMB 416 © Rafael Vargas

Walking cane violin MDMB 416 © Rafael Vargas

A hundred years ago everyone went out carrying a walking-stick. Judging from photographs of the period it was as much a part of one's city attire as a waistcoat and a hat. Arms, umbrellas and musical instruments, such as violins, flutes and clarinets, played above all for street entertainment and dance, were incorporated in them. In the case of the walking-stick violin, the soundboard, bridge and tuning pegs are on the front, beneath a detachable wooden covering, and the bow is stowed inside the walking-stick casing. The walking-stick violin held at the museum comes from the Folch-Baget collection and still has its original bow.


13. A romantic stroll with a walking cane violin

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