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Audioguide · Barcelona Music Museum


01. Stories of a collection
02. A drum called Kundu
03. The Bassano cornets and the splendour of the Renaissance
04. The Hauslaib Claviorgan, an exceptional hybrid
05. A Harpsichord bearing chinese landscapes
06. Gems of ancient music: violas da gamba
07. Palace trio: a lute and two archlutes
08. Isaac Albéniz and his piano
09. Traders, women and psalteries
10. Upon giant shoulders: Manén's violin
11. Play it again
12. An unexpected treasure: the glass flute
13. A romantic stroll with a walking cane violin
14. The buccin and the street parades
15. The young lady who plays the guitarre
16. The guitar in concert halls
17. Soundscapes of the digital era
18. Do it yourself
19. Pep's tenora
20. Oriental fragrances: Tabla, Sitar and Tambura
21. The ocarina, a small instrument known the world over
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