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Espai Francesc Gimeno, El Montgrí landscape artist. Martínez-Solans collection

Francesc Gimeno, El Montgrí landscape artist.        

Francesc Gimeno, El Montgrí landscape artist.        

Today, thanks to the donation of the Martínez-Solans legacy, the Museum of the Mediterranean is proud to present Francesc Gimeno as the landscape artist from El Montgrí. In this section, we learn the painter’s life story, some of the works from the aforementioned legacy are exhibited and, through digital media, Gimeno’s most iconic works inspired by El Montgrí  may be contemplated.

Francesc Gimeno (Tortosa, February 4 1858 - Barcelona, November 22 1927) was a Catalan painter and illustrator who created works of great value in his own realistic style, characterized by rough brush strokes and harsh textures. In this exhibition we may appreciate the exceptional quality of his pictorial works, among which we might highlight the self portraits, landscapes and portraits of local people. In addition, the legacy includes works by Ramon Call, a friend of the painter who accompanied him on his first sojourn in Torroella in 1887.

In this room, we pay tribute to Gimeno as someone who devoted his life, body and soul, to capturing the local landscapes, elements of nature in their purest state.


<p><em>Portrait of Pilar Solans</em>, Francesc Gimeno, oil on canvas, 65 x 82.5 cm, 1922.&nbsp;Museum of the Mediterranean.</p>

Portrait of Pilar Solans
Portrait of Pilar Solans
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