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"Noucentisme": Josep Clarà and Francesc Vayreda

<p>Gallery dedicated to the sculptor Josep Clar&agrave;.</p>

Gallery dedicated to the sculptor Josep Clarà.

The Noucentisme movement was one of the most important in the early 20th century. Architecture, literature and art were seduced by the aesthetic rigour and harmony normally found in classical Greek art.

The Olot sculptor Josep Clarà was one of the key exponents of Noucentimes in 20th century Catalonia. He began his career under the tutelage of Josep Berga i Boix, before leaving to continue his education in France. After a brief foray into Modernisme, under the influence of Rodin, he discovered the aesthetics, balance and serenity of classical Greek art through Arístides Maillol.

Other notable artists from this period include Francesc Vayreda, son of Joaquim Vayreda. Francesc rejected his father's influence in search of his own artistic language, fed by Impressionism and consolidated in Noucentisme.


<p>"Plenitud"<em>, </em>Josep Clar&agrave;, ca. 1936. Marble. On loan from the Catalan National Art Museum, Barcelona.</p>
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