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Modernisme: Miquel Blay and "La càrrega" by Ramon Casas

 Gallery dedicated to the Catalan Modernism. Photo by Blai Farran.

 Gallery dedicated to the Catalan Modernism. Photo by Blai Farran.

Miquel Blay is the most outstanding sculptor of this period. Educated in Olot and Paris, his career unfolded within the framework of modernism and wavered towards naturalism. The details of his sculptures enabled him to express a high degree of virtuosity and expressiveness.

In the early 20th century, Olot industrialist Manuel Malagrida donated the winning posters of two competitions he himself had organised in Argentina to advertise his tobacco brand, Cigarrillos París. This collection allows us to display a set of original modernist posters dating back to 1900 and 1901, and includes prominent Catalan artists such as Ramon Casas and Xavier Gosé and many others from all over Europe and Argentina.

To illustrate this modernist period, the Museum houses La càrrega (The charge) (1899-1903), a principal piece of Catalan art created by Ramon Casas.

Dating from the same period we can also find Olot artist, Josep Berga i Boada, the son of Josep Berga i Boix, a renowned sculptor, artist and painter.


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