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Isona i Conca Dellà

01. Introduction
02. Aeso, 2nd century AD
03. The first contact with Rome
04. The foundation of Aeso
05. The home
06. Public life
07. The boundaries of the Empire
08. The birth of a new world
09. Welcome to the Cretaceous
10. Pararhabdodon, the first dinosaure documented in Catalonia
11. The family tree and the distribution of hadrosaurs
12. Diet
13. A unique accumulation
14. How dinosaurs grow
15. The footprints
16. Histology
17. A singular herd
18. The carnivores
19. The Orcau giant
20. An exceptional skull
21. Exceptionally big and small titanos
22. We know the present, we think about the future
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