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Colònia Sedó Museum, Esparraguera


Colònia Sedó Museum, Esparraguera

Colònia Sedó Museum, Esparraguera

The Colònia Sedó is distinguished from other cotton manufacturing colonies by virtue of its major dimensions and the use of a hydraulic system that leverages the power of water.

The 1,400-HP turbine, which provided the energy required by the spinning and weaving sections of the factory, was the largest turbine ever built in our country. Made entirely of cast iron, its dimensions were proportionate to the volume and strength of the waterfall.

Today, in the turbine room, visitors may contemplate the scale model of the colony that described its history through a display of light and sound and through the turbine itself, where in the tube from which the water flowed a three dimensional audio-visual presentation is projected.

The visit is completed with an explanation of the energy system, which includes the basement of the first turbine. A walk through the colony will allow us to visit: the Broquetes waterfallthe aqueductthe Sedó family homethe churchthe workers’ housesthe theatrethe school  and the chimneys. All these elements allow us to get a feeling of the social life and the production process of an industrial colony.




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