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Permanent exhibition

General view of the permanent exhibition

General view of the permanent exhibition

Visit the museum to learn more about the particularities of pottery making and see how its forms have evolved. They represent the ways of life and work in the different cultural and geographical areas in which pottery has developed throughout history.

The visit is divided into four circuits:

  • The Potteries Circuit shows the origins and styles of the pieces. It contains the majority of the permanent collection and serves to organise it into the one thousand documented potteries.
  • The Uses Circuit helps us understand the role played by pottery in our lives and the needs of different societies. It explains the various forms of receptacle and how they were used for water, wine, olive oil, food, etc.
  • The Jugs Circuit shows 32 different types or families of this popular Iberian vessel.
  • The Manufacturing Techniques and Processes Circuit has 48 metres of pictures accompanied by their corresponding materials. They illustrate the natural elements, techniques, tools and actions involved in making the object-receptacle that is pottery.


<p>A measure from Miravet (Ribera d&rsquo;Ebre)</p>
Pottery receptacle
Pottery receptacle
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